Paintings and Mirrors in Japandi Interior

The fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian influences in interior design has created a captivating aesthetic known as Japandi. While Scandinavian design embraces the charm of posters and pictures decorating walls, Japandi takes a different path, incorporating paintings and mirrors as exquisite accents that tell an artistic story within the space. Join us as we explore the best ways to style paintings and mirrors in Japandi interior, where decorations elevate interiors like no other.

Japandi - less is more

Japandi, at its core, cherishes the art of subtlety. This minimalist design philosophy strips away any extra patterns, allowing only the most essential elements to thrive. Paintings, once considered a staple of home decor, are intentionally reduced to a select few, serving as captivating points that infuse the space with intention and depth. By carefully curating these artful accents, Japandi interiors create a unique narrative to become extraordinary. 


The notion of warmth and a comforting atmosphere lies deeply in the Japandi style. While paintings may appear sparse, their presence speaks volumes, offering a glimpse into the personal tastes and passions of the owners. A carefully chosen piece can inject vibrant colours or soothing earth tones, infusing the space with warmth. 


In the interior of Japandi, the quest for simplicity does not equate to sacrificing artistic expression. Instead, it gives rise to a refined and purposeful arrangement where each element serves a distinct role. Paintings and wall hangings emerge as storytellers, embellishing your home with their captivating narratives while seamlessly merging with the overall design language.



Nevertheless, Japandi encourages a harmonious blend of the old and the new, tradition and innovation. In this regard, incorporating posters alongside paintings is welcomed, fostering a dynamic interplay between artistic mediums. By thoughtfully integrating these elements, Japandi interiors create a symphony of textures, hues, and concepts, resulting in a personalised environment.

Picture a living room with a captivating painting, its minimalistic brush strokes and earthy tones. A nearby wall showcases with collection of carefully selected interior accessories, inviting you to embark on a visual journey. Together, they form a delightful diversity that resonates with your soul and envelops your space in an aura of individuality.

key elements of Wall Hangings in Japandi Style

Furthermore wall hangings are a crucial element of the Japandi style. They can create a focal point in any room. Try to add an extra layer of texture and depth, and create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. When choosing wall hangings for Japandi interior, it is essential to use natural materials such as cotton, linen, and wool, stone, wood. These materials create a connection with nature, which is a central element of the Japandi style. 

The colours used in Japandi style wall hangings are muted and soft, such as earthy tones or pastels, using muted grey, beige, white tones, earthy red, and brown.

Mirrors of Japandi interior:

Mirrors in the Japandi interior come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are some different types of wall decorations used in Japandi style.

The Interesting Reflections of Japandi: Elevating Spaces with Mirrors

Within the captivating world of Japandi interior design, mirrors stand as magnificent showpieces that effortlessly present their stunning charm upon any space. Whether adorning the walls of petite places or gracing expansive rooms, these reflective pieces offer many advantages. 

Wabi-sabi in Mirrors

Just as Japanese aesthetics embrace the beauty of imperfections, Japandi interiors celebrate irregular lines and unconventional placements, where floor-leaning mirrors and elegantly suspended oval mirrors create the perfect effect. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of mirrors. 

Mirrors: Transforming Small Spaces into Vast Sanctuaries of Visual Illusion

Small spaces that once felt confined and restrictive are now infused with an extraordinary sense of openness. The Secret lies within the reflective properties of these mirrors, as they ingeniously capture and amplify natural light, casting an illusion of a boundless spectrum. 

By thoughtfully incorporating mirrors into your decor, you can unleash the magic of optical illusion, creating a visually stunning sanctuary that defies the confines of physical dimensions. Imagine a small r and narrow hall where a well-placed mirror leans elegantly against the wall. Casting enchanting reflections that dance upon the room. Its unapologetically irregular edges add a touch of artistry, serving as a captivating point that celebrates the charm of imperfections.

Elegant Mirrors

Alternatively, an oval mirror suspended from the most visible wall creates a striking visual impact. It is elevating the entire space with its delicate presence. With their irregular placements and unique design, these mirrors invite you to revel in the unexpected, adding a touch of extraordinary elegance to your Japandi interior.


In Japandi, mirrors become more than mere functional objects; they transform into exquisite art pieces. Their purpose extends far beyond simple reflection; they become conduits of creativity and style, seamlessly blending into your interior design. Just as fashion-forward individuals adorn themselves with statement accessories, Japandi interiors revel in the placement of mirrors that boast strange shapes, intriguing textures, and captivating frames. These decorative accents elevate the overall aesthetic, infusing the space with sophistication.

How about reimagining paintings and mirrors in Japandi interior beyond their functionality and infusing space with sculptural accessories?

For instance, explore the captivating possibilities of mirrors that transcend their practical nature and stand as inspiring art pieces. Picture frames with stone, clay, or intriguing textures. Boasting natural, earthy tones that elevate modernism and effortlessly blend with the rest of the japandi interior. To add a touch of excitement, look into the world of mirrors adorned with concealed LED lights, casting a warm glow upon their surroundings. Let your mirror selection become a bold statement, an artistic expression that seamlessly merges with the essence of Japandi.

Ultimately, in the beautiful journey of paintings and mirrors in Japandi interior play vital roles, adding depth, character, and a harmonious blend. As the captivating reflections dance upon the walls, and the wall hangings infuse a sense of cosiness. Japandi unique narrative comes to life, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries. With its celebration of imperfections and seamless interplay of artistic mediums, Japandi stands as a timeless and captivating interior design style that continues to captivate and inspire