Gather your Family and Friends in Style: Hosting around a Japandi Round Dining Table

Round tables have become common, and when choosing a minimalist look, you should consider it because it does not cover ample space, unlike regular tables. Choosing a new dining table can be among the most challenging processes for many people. This is mainly because the table will be the centrepiece of the house. The furniture comes in handy when you are having dinner with your family and friends. When you pick the right design and shape, it will ensure that the table looks fantastic in your house and still provides the functionality that you need.

Round tables have advantages and disadvantages, and you should take your time to explore your different choices before deciding on the best table for your house. The best table for you is within your budget, made of solid structure, and will fit your style and space.  These are some of the most essential features you should consider when selecting a round dining table.

The essence of the Japandi style is the minimalistic approach and this is viable if you have a table that will fit the needs of the family while remaining elegant. Elegance and creating a perfect ambiance are some of the fundamentals that you should consider when choosing a round Japandi dining table.

What to consider when purchasing a Japandi round Dining Table?

Perhaps the most important thing you should consider is always ensuring that you are working within your room design and layout. You should consider other factors when purchasing a round dining table.


This is the main and the most crucial aspect you should consider when looking for a round dining table. The table should last up to ten years, depending on the construction material and the overall finish.  If you choose funky tables, there is a high chance that you will spend more money. You should evaluate the best strategy and how you can use it to get the best table while maintaining the elegance of your room. Japandi style focuses on keeping things simple and working. It is, therefore, critical that you consider the functionality of the table and pricing. The tables come in different materials and sizes, eventually affecting the price.  You should look for any dents or scratches that would otherwise lower the cost of the table.  Once you are okay with the tables sold within your budget, it is time to review what is available and what you can get the most out of it.


The size of the table plays a critical role because it will determine how your table will fit in your dining room. You should not purchase a Japandi round dining table that is too big or too small because it can be challenging for you. You can use a measuring tape to determine the size of your dining room and you can use these measurements as a guide when you are purchasing the table. There is no reason for you to purchase a table that will not fit in your dining area. Dining tables are usually large, and you should take your time to review the available tables in terms of size before you make any conclusion.  It is important to understand that you need about three feet of breathing room on all sides of the table. This will allow the people to sit comfortably and move the chairs easily when necessary.  You can start by measuring the length of the house and then the width. Once you have these measurements then you can go to look for the round table that you wanted.


When purchasing a dining table, you must know your needs before you make the purchase. The needs of your family or the number of people who are going to use the table will determine its size. Numerous factors will determine the selection of the table. If you have a few people, then you can opt for a round table that will fit this number of people. Some of the dining tables are usually larger and can accommodate a few people, however, for larger groups you should take your time to evaluate the dining tables available. You should give people enough space so that they can move around.  Round tables are often preferred because people can maneuver even in tight spaces.

Construction of the table

This is a fundamental aspect that you should put into consideration when choosing a Japandi round dining table. The trestle or base, which is the legs, will affect the number of people who can use the table and during your visit to purchase the table, you should ensure that the legs can support the weight and also allow for easy movement around the table. You can try this by sitting at the table and seeing if your legs will hit the table’s legs. The table should give you enough room for your knees and you can cross your legs within the table with ease. You should pay attention to leg width and placement because this will determine the experience of your guests.  If the table legs are well placed, then it can be easier for you to squeeze in an extra seat for your visitors.

Material used for table construction

This is another major aspect that you should consider because it will determine the length of the table. A Japandi round dining table should be made from durable material that will take you years before you can choose to replace it.  When it comes to the selection of the material used for the table construction, you should always ensure that it matches your aesthetics. The pricing will have to be right and suit your style and preference. Wooden tables are solid and perfect if you want something that will last long then this is one choice.

While wood can contract and expand based on humidity and heat, you can choose one that will remain intact with the physical changes. Veneer tables, on the other hand, are more affordable, and they can give you a better finish, especially if you have high humidity. On the other hand, you can choose stone tables, including quartz, marble, or cast stone. It is a durable material, but it is known to absorb stains because of its porosity. Glass tables can include frosted or tinted glasses, which are known to give a feeling of openness and large spaces. However, this material is susceptible to cracks, scratches, and chipping.

Where to place the Japandi round dining table?

Placing the dining table in the right place is fundamental in giving your space an elegant finish. Depending on the layout and size of the home, there are few places where you can put the table. Perhaps one of the most common areas where the table is usually placed is the designated dining room. Whether you are living in a place with a large space or a small space, you can still find a location for your round dining table.  Some of the places that you can put your table include the following.


The kitchen is another place that you should consider placing on your dining table. When you do this, you have the best option because it will remain functional in this area, and it will define the space.   When you place your dining table in the kitchen, it will save you from ferrying dishes from one location to another. If your kitchen has ample space, then you should consider placing your dining table in this room.  The dining table in the kitchen allows you to enjoy your meals in a comfortable place where you can access various items with ease. It is the best place, especially if the kitchen is large and it allows enough light to enter into the room.

Dining room

This is the intended location of the kitchen table, and you will find that in most places the table is placed in this region. You can adjust the table to suit the layout and design of your dining room. The dining room usually comes with shelves where you can place your plates, and glasses among other items, thereby creating the perfect experience in the area. There is a large, centered window in the dining room, and this will bring in enough natural lighting and make your dining experience exceptional. Depending on the layout of the dining room, you can adjust it to suit your needs and place the Japandi round dining table in an area that will allow easy movement of your guests. It should allow the people dining to sit comfortably and move from one part of the table to another one with ease.

Living room

When looking for a perfect place where you can place your dining table you can consider the living room. This is an area that has enough light, and it will complement other furniture in the room without overpowering the space. It is important that you choose a dining table based on your available space and layout. This guarantees you the best experience because you can enjoy your meals and still watch your favorite programs. It is recommended that you place the dining table in its own realm where it provides a unique experience without causing any major problems in the house.

Dining area chairs

Once you have your stunning Japandi round table you should consider the kind of chairs that you are going to purchase. When you have high-quality chairs around your table then it brings a better feeling of relaxation and a fine dining experience. The chairs that you are going to choose should suit your style and scale. It is therefore important that you select less bulky chairs and some that will blend in with the style of your room. These chairs should also complement the Japandi round dining table. The scale of your chair must be compatible with the table and the seat heights should be great for everyone around the table.  You can visit the furniture store and sample some of the Japandi-style chairs that will synchronize with your table.

 Whether you want to choose hard or upholstered seats, you can sample the furniture that you can get from the stores around the region. The width and depth of the chairs are also essential, and they should be compatible to ensure that they can fit under the table without you bumping your legs. The chairs should slide under the table, and you should measure your layout to ensure that you have enough space for your chairs while creating a perfect experience.  The chair height and arms also play a role, and the back of your chair should be taller than your table. Compatibility is a crucial factor when selecting the Japandi style chairs. The pieces should look good together and you should go with one material so that it allows you to blend in perfectly. You can choose a color pallet that will be in tandem with your painting and the table as well.

To bring it all together, selecting the perfect Japandi round dining table is not just about finding a piece of furniture; it’s about crafting an experience that brings family and friends together in style. Your choice should harmonize with your house’s design, fit within your budget, and cater to your specific needs. Whether it’s the minimalist elegance or the functionality you seek, a Japandi round dining table can be the centerpiece that ties it all together. Pay close attention to factors like pricing, size, construction, and material when making your decision. And once you’ve found that perfect table, don’t forget to complement it with the right chairs to create a seamless and inviting dining experience. With the right table and chairs, you’ll not only gather your loved ones but also create lasting memories around a Japandi-style dining table that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.